He’s On One Again

Today started out just like any other day. I awoke with a fresh mind, and a fresh brewed cup to get going. The aroma tickled my nose as I took a whiff before that first sip. Splendid. It's been a while since things with Paul and I have been OK. I've been convinced for years... Continue Reading →

The Sky Is The Limit

She slipped away on her on her unicorn with a fire'y mane. The sky breeze flowed gracefully though her hair, and tiny pebbles flung into her eyes. "Whoah Marigold Easy!" Emeris patted her unicorn. Marigold huffed and drug her foot furiously into the gravel. "What's the matter girl? Your not like yourself." Emeris said while... Continue Reading →

Late Night Contemplations

  Some days, I find myself defeated. I'm not really sure about the reality of friendship. Is that even a real thing? I haven't known it. I see a lot of woman having a solid relationship with their best friends, or sister in laws, etc. I see woman flock together for so many things in... Continue Reading →

Dear Rick

It happened again. I dream't about you last night. You always have a way of seeping back up into my mind. Funny. Fifteen years ago, I thought I'd shut you entirely out of my feeling center. Maybe I suppressed it all. Two years ago when you resurfaced, you kinda reignited that spark. You dropped the... Continue Reading →

Can You Remember?

It had been a while since I'd thought about Tate. Wait a minute, who am I kidding. I haven't stopped thinking about that man for ten years. Now those were six years of my life that were... Unreal. I'm not really sure what it was about him. He was everything wrong with what was right.... Continue Reading →

Something Broke

There's a bitter taste in my mouth. I can't help but think about it. Our relationship has hit a destination point. Every time I look at Ray, I can't help but cringe. ­čśö there's something that happens to a woman when their partner lusts after someone that isn't them. I'm not really sure I can... Continue Reading →

Can I Even Do This Anymore?

Have you ever had a gut feeling about something. It just screams at you so often. I've had one for a while now. In the eight years that I've been with Ray, I've always sensed something off. I never fully had all of his heart. There was an underlying drift always in gnawing at our... Continue Reading →

Relationship Smarts´╗┐

It's 2pm and I'm receiving a text, "I'm at the hospital." Gia said with a sad face emoji. Did he hurt her? Oh gawd she tried to kill herself again! I waited to find out what happened, but her communication was at a halt. Later that evening, she texted me back and spoke shortly of... Continue Reading →


Here I am once again.  Is it normal for a guy to distance himself and reel back at his choosing? I often find myself wondering if that connection that I desire is missing somewhere in his perfect idea of planned intamacy. ­čśĽ I remember the day I first met you. I despised your cocky comments.... Continue Reading →

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