The Sky Is The Limit


She slipped away on her on her unicorn with a fire’y mane. The sky breeze flowed gracefully though her hair, and tiny pebbles flung into her eyes.

“Whoah Marigold Easy!” Emeris patted her unicorn.

Marigold huffed and drug her foot furiously into the gravel.

“What’s the matter girl? Your not like yourself.” Emeris said while matting down Marigolds mane.

The thing is, Emeris didn’t even know how she came to fly along this creatures back. The morning due had simmered through her deeply fastened eyelids. She awoke to the sway of Marigolds wings. She turned to sit up, almost tumbling down she realized she was 60ft high into the sky.

A beautiful creature Marigold flew gracefully as if flying wasn’t something that took much effort. Emeris couldn’t help but fall in love with her mesmerizing exterior. Her white mane white as snow with charcoal colored spots. Her amber glistened brightly in the sunlight somewhat like a Marigold. Her hooves looked like mittens with black hair. Marigolds eyes shimmered with such mysticism you couldn’t help but wonder what she really was.

Emeris didn’t even know how she knew this creatures name. Yet here she was flying the great open world with Marigold.

After landing ….

To be continued…………….


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