Can You Remember?

It had been a while since I’d thought about Tate. Wait a minute, who am I kidding. I haven’t stopped thinking about that man for ten years. Now those were six years of my life that were… Unreal. I’m not really sure what it was about him. He was everything wrong with what was right. At least in my opinion. I could not be near him without being a total nervous wreck. ..but … He was always mine.

The first moment we noticed each other. Your eyes locked on. Like a predator to a prey, you made your way over. “Hey…”  I looked over, and replied, “Hey.”

“The names Tate.”


“Yeah?…. So why haven I seen you before?”

“Not from here.”

I began to back away. I’m a quality kind of girl. I mean, Rick showed me how to understand and play the game. Or at least because of what he did to me, I became a top dog field player. I wasn’t about to waste my time on anyone. I started to turn, and Tate gently grasped my wrist. “Wait. Don’t run away like a scared little girl.”

I rolled my eyes and replied, “Scared? Is that what you call it these days?” I pulled my wrist away and started to walk away. I stood by my friend and started telling her about this wacko I just ran into, and her eyes glazed over behind me. I knew from her reaction Tate was standing behind me. “Your a fierce little girl aren’t you?””Girl?” “Well how old are you sweetheart?” The sound of that made me soften.”Old enough.” Tate let out a giggle. God! That giggle. 😌😍 I couldn’t help but smile.

Later that night, as the after party broke out, I noticed Tate’s eyes stuck on me. I moved around free with no care in the world. Plenty of woman went up to him, flirted with him, desired his attention. He dignified them with a simple answer, but his eyes. I couldn’t help but stare back. Locked on me. I walked outside for some fresh air. I mean after knowing your being watched like that, who wouldn’t get the heebie jeebies. He followed me. He came up to me again. I felt as though he was hounding me. “Do you get over personal with all the woman you flirt with?” He laughed again. “Nah. You just drive me crazy.” I stood straighter and began to leave AGAIN  and said, “Well … Good luck with that.” and walked away. That was it. That very moment I threw him for a loop. He chased me down, “Whoah whoah whoah… alright dang! whats wrong sweetie, aren’t you into me?” “I’m sure you could have any woman here tonight, why keep hounding me?” “A guy likes a challenge.” I rolled my eyes and turned again. This time, “Wait.” He grabbed my hands and pulled me close too him. A shock spun through my spine, “Just let me kiss you. If you don’t like it i’ll stop bothering you.” I became nervous. My heart began to pound and my stomach couldn’t contain the fluttering butterflies inside it. He came in close, and lock his lips to mine. I soon lost myself in his embrace. Our emotions connected. Breathing hard, we became reckless with each other. I kissed him like i’d kissed Rick. Long hard and passionately. He started pushing for more. Rick had never done that, and I was definitely not used to it. “Nope.!” “Oh come on, you can’t get a guy all excited for you and then leave me hanging.” “You asked fora kiss, you got your kiss. Have a good night.” I knew I’d impacted him. I could tell no one had ever done that to him. I walked away with  my small victory. I thought i’d averted him. Tate was everything wrong with what I believed was right. Little did I know… I wasn’t free from his grasp yet. This was only the beginning of our story.

Now, i’m sitting here reminiscing over times when life felt simpler. Happier. Adventurous. I wonder about those times a lot, and if I should ever explore them again. Today, is one of those days.

To be continued……

Signing out.

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