Relationship Smarts

It’s 2pm and I’m receiving a text, “I’m at the hospital.” Gia said with a sad face emoji. Did he hurt her? Oh gawd she tried to kill herself again! I waited to find out what happened, but her communication was at a halt. Later that evening, she texted me back and spoke shortly of what happened. As she talked about her fight with her husband, and their recent drama in cheater land, I couldn’t help but wonder, did they have to escalate it that far? This time, she was made to stay in a woman’s shelter. Awesome right….NO! She keeps going back to this toxic relationship. 

The next day, she had returned home, as if nothing had ever happened. I remember the last time she attempted suicide, she was sent away for three weeks. This time, she went right back home to where the problems start. My smart, beautiful, and potentially successful friend, would rather be co dependent rather than move on with her life. What a sad day. 

How can a man mistreat his woman so badly and in turn cause her to do such dishonor to herself? Why would a man stand over his partner encouraging her to do it? Somethings not right there.  Unfortunately, I cannot know. It is not my place nor am I involved. 

It made me think about the effects of a toxic relationship unto ones self being. How realistically, it slowly kills you. (Found a blogger that spoke about this the other day) 

I had to ask myself, “Is it really worth being with someone, if your value of life is insignificant as a result?” 

I have so many problems with Ray. I could bet ten thousand dollars he cannot go one day without starting an argument, even if petty, I swear that man thrives with argument. Some days I love him to death, others I want to leave him. I teeter back and forth. It’s been a while since we’ve had sex. He’s not a very exciting starter. He’s more of a… OK let’s get right to it. Oh what I’d give for a wall pinning moment, or passionate flirting, or affection and maybe a priceless gift once in a while to let me know I matter.  Nope. Instead, I receive neglect, lack of appreciation, and arguing OVER EVERYTHING!! I dislike it beyond measure. 

As for my friend, it’s been two weeks, and she is still on the fence. I haven’t spoken to her, and she’s shut everyone out. I shall soon see how she is. 

For now, this is me signing out.

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