Morning Wakey

I could feel Ray snuggling up to me. With every wiggle his boner grew. My tired body was deep in slumber, and my eyes to weak to fully open. He ran his fingers gracefully along my torso. My body jittered with tingles all over. Mnnn yes… I wanted him more then ever, his fingers moving north to tease my nipples. Motivated to wipe the sleep from my eyes, I groaned and looked at him. Gosh did he have to look so dang delicious right now! I fought my eyes, but they cotinued to win. Ray smiled at me with an innocent smirk, and said not a word about me driting off again. I could feel his rock hard boner touching my hip, as he moved quick, slipping himself inside. I let out a moan of bliss and pain. His penis a nice size. I couldn’t help but melt in his embrace. He started with a slow entising motion. My face hot and flushed, he began driving my sensations crazy. Ray and I can’t control our urdges from one another, and within moments we were like wild beasts curbing a hunger so deep. Pounding hearts, and ravaging we tore each other up, until our bodies settled in exaltation.

This always wakes me up. Ray now smiling at my naked, weak body. His legs shaking something fierce. “Whoah” My favorite kind of play time. Nothing like a good romping first thing in the morning.  Who doesnt enjoy a wake up call?

I hopped in the shower to get ready for the day, and my Ray had breakfast ready. Mnmnnn chocolate malto meal pancakes. This saturday has started off with a good start.

Lately, I’ve been distasteful about Mothers Day. Its been a while since I’ve gotton aything, or anthing has been done for me. I’ve been somewhat grumpy because of this. I do hope this year will be different. Tomorrow I shall find out.

Call me Dariana, call me Daria, call me Dari, call me Dar, whatever floats your boat. This is me signing out.

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