Why Can’t I Have A Fox Who Calls For A Carriage?

I awoke with a start at Princess Sophia the First. My five month old, sure loves her girly shows ALREADY! I’ve been so used to raising up boys, i’m finally seeing what its like to have a precious little princes around the castle, of our humble aboad.

This episode consisted of a bunny, a fox, princess Sophia, and a faun. The faun had a curse, everything she touched turned to snow. …HMMMM frozen much? Someone please tell me how to add a meme ????? PLEASE????

“Let it go, oh let it go, i’m a mommy who knows all the songs! They may think i’m weird, but my job is to embarrass them, so I let it go!!!!!! GO!!!!!”

This is me hoping you hear the melody inside your head. Oh let me know if so 😉

Aafter the problems were resolved in the episode, Sophia became upset realizing it was to late to get back to the party at the castle on time… and … there it was..

“Not to worry.” The fox said before whistling a carriage to her. “Sheesh! Why cant I have a fox who can all me a carriage to whisk me away.?” Free ride anyone?

Ray responded, “I know right, wouldn’t that be nice, take me out of town! I say.” (What a dork my husband is.)

“Or…Or you could make time to romp with me too!!” the back burner though raised to the roof of my thoughts. Dangit! this mother is deprived right now. I’m not very happy about that.

Back to the point:

It got me thinking. What concept and morals are we teaching our children from these TV shows? I mean geez when I was a little girl, I believed TV was always pretty much a learning moral to be taught. Throw me some old school My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Bright, Gumby, Teddy Ruxspin (Spelling?), GI Joe, and Transformers , and I was set. Had two older brothers as my daughter does, who influenced my TV watching as well. I guess that’s why I rarely let the kids watch TV. I cannot fathom the thought of teaching a kid that foxes can be your friend, and savior. hmmmm?

Anyhoo, random thought for the day.

This is me, signing out call me Dariana, call me Daria, call me Dari, call me Dar. Whatever floats your boat, i’m here, shedding my stories, whether their carefully crafted, or not at all. I shall chronicle. 

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