If its not broken, don’t try to fix it

I walked into the store with two of my three kids. It was a nice day, the sun was bright, and the outdoors seems full of life. I figured, “What the heck, lets go for a walk down the road.” So we did. A new Dollar Tree had  opened up this weekend. Why not go look around right? Who doesn’t like to see new, and shiny things. As I walked around with my two little ones, people stopped to admire them, and they also made a point to adore them as well. When people notice my kids, it excites them, sand they start to get silly. So my two year old son started getting… His idea of cute. I really didn’t have intention to purchase anything, but I mean do woman ever go into a store an NOT come out with something. I grabbed a few things and continued looking around. My little boy now being more playful, ran up to the stroller, and pretended to trip over the wheel, “Mommy!. you tripped me.” scrunching his face to look mad. 🙂 Another woman noticed this, and immediately scowled at me. I’ll admit in person, i’m quite the friendly, and social creature. You will always find a smile on my face, but this elderly woman took disgust in me from the very moment she saw me. I must ask, “What is  it with older people who haven’t raised kids in a long time, and having the need to criticize you when your out with yours?

“Your babies jacket is covering its face.” the old crone said condescendingly.

OMG!! I’m a total germa-phobe. If a stranger touches my kid, it makes me cringe. YUCK! Did they wash their hands? Are they sick? Eww! their fondling their keys! What if they poked their nose! F*** do they wash their hands after going potty? You don’t ever know whose touching them, or what energy their giving off to your kid. Its like when your pregnant and your belly suddenly becomes free gain for the world to touch.

After my first two kids, I mastered the, “Touch me and i’ll bite your f****** hand off!” look.

Too bad kids do NOT escape that touching (Do any of you hear how that sounds? Stank face) outside the woom.

“Babies are like new cars, everyone wants to touch them.”

It sounds so…

Pet my kid for one million dollars!

Just …ugh!

She reached in to pull my babies hood off her eyes, and walked away grumbling, “People need to learn how to take care of their kids.”

“REALLY!  People need to learn how to mind their own business!” I thought, “What a BITCH!”

“If its not broken, don’t try to fix it.”

Great! Now my sleeping baby had gotten disturbed. Hello! it was to bright. Now, shes fussing, and squirming. Shoot! This pissed baby girl off to no end. She wanted her shade back. I had to hustle getting her hood back over her eyes perfectly. Did I mention how F****** hard it is to adjust a hoodie so perfectly strategic, that it covers their eyes from the light? YAH… it’s like a darn chess game or something. While that lady put her nose where it didn’t belong, my babies nap was disturbed.

Rude much?!

Who walks up to a complete stranger just to disturb their peace? Whats that worth to them? why is it anyone’s business how a COMPLETE stranger should take care of something that ISN’T EVEN THEIRS TO WORRY ABOUT . ….NO!

Perception is key. You may think a mother is terrible, but your not raising the child. Mothers know every whim of their child, and by golly if covering my kids eyes with hoods keep them f****** calm! leave me the F*** alone!

As a mother, this struggle is very real. People judge you for what you do, and what you don’t do. think about the logic there.

So what????? “Were damn if we do, and damned if we don’t? Um… someone enlighten me.

Service announcement!! No bad words in front of kids …. Can you imagine what they would say oh gawd

Signing out


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